What Clients Say About Me?

I would give Rosa a higher rating if I could. I have known Rosa for over 20 years and her passion to help people and her expansive knowledge in the Real Estate World are invaluable. Rosa has guided me and answered all my questions thoroughly when it came to my real estate transactions. I highly recommend anyone who needs an agent who works hard, is professional and has patience. She understands the market and will not let you down.

Carmela Antal - July, 2022

Rosa did an amazing job helping my girlfriend and me buy our first home together. We began our search for a home in December 2021 which was an extremely difficult time to try to break into the housing market for first time buyers. Rosa was able to guide us through a very tough market with ease. We initially had our sights set on San Jose but after seeing some of the homes going for more than we were willing to pay told Rosa we’d like to consider Oakland. Rosa was immediately able to help us switch gears and give us plenty of information on what we should expect looking at a different city. She did a great job of helping us find what neighborhoods we were comfortable with and what offers to make. With her guidance we ended up having our first offer accepted! I would highly recommend Rosa to anyone who is looking to make their next purchase.

Joey Cooper - May, 2022

We were lucky to have Rosa as our agent!

Rosa is very responsive, knowledgeable of local market and is an experienced negotiator who puts her clients interests first. We were first time buyers in the US and were very specific on what we wanted or not (good location, nice view, large lot and big yard, low noise level…). Rosa was very patient with us and helped us find our dream house in the right neighborhood with the schools we wanted within our limited budget. She educated us on this seller’s market during the pandemic and the process of buying in the US. She also surrounds herself with very experienced professionals and helped us find the best lenders, contractors and designers for us.

I would highly recommend Rosa to my friends and family.

Nazila Pautou - Sept, 2021

My wife and I knew Rosa when she helped us buy our first home in 2013. She is a blessing to first-time home buyers. She explained everything in detail, guided us through the disclosures and communicated with HOAs, city offices to address our concerns. She was very patient and gave us enough time to prepare ourselves mentally for the intense bidding war. We got a perfect home for our budget within 2 months, which we thought was impossible without her help. So when we started to look for upgrading in 2018, we did not hesitate to turn to Rosa again. This time we were more nitpicky and our journey lasted more than 2 years. Rosa was extremely patient and never pushed us. What amazed us is her professional sense of pricing. She provided comps of recently sold homes and gave price recommendations based on market trends. Her recommendations were always within a few thousand dollars range when compared to the winning bids (or runner-up for the one we actually won). We fully trust her intuition on price estimates. We would highly recommend Rosa to any home buyers in the bay area.

Hanqing Xing - May, 2021

Rosa is a very thoughtful, experienced and efficient real estate professional who always has the clients’ best interest in mind and heart. It took us a while to find a good fit and we trusted Rosa to take us along a journey that was unique, informative and fruitful. I highly recommend Rosa’s guidance and skills, and her graceful company during such a consequential decision making process.

Fahmida Bangert - March, 2021

Rosa helped my wife and I find our dream home after years of hard luck finding the right fit. Rosa was very patient as our property needs and location preferences constantly evolved. She really went above and beyond when it came to meeting us at times that worked for us and in locations far and wide. My wife and I are mostly novices in the real estate arena and we needed an expert like Rosa to explain all the little things that we didn't know.

We will certainly contact Rosa again in the future the next time we need an agent.

Tyler Fuhrman - Dec, 2020

Boy were my husband and I lucky to work with Rosa this year. Much like everything else in 2020, this ambitious plan of ours to sell and buy a home in a pandemic year had a lot of twists and turns. When we listed our condo, we were panicked for multiple reasons: soft condo market, two other condos went up at our complex right before ours (one for a lower price than we were planning).

We have always trusted Rosa but were also tempering our expectations for the worst case scenario. Not only did she sell our condo in 8 days, but to this day, it is still the only one in our complex that sold this year. She helped coordinate and schedule so many appointments for repairs and modifications but kept our investment reasonable and strategic. By this point, she had also set us up and made sure we were educated about our upcoming purchase as well. She then turned to finding us our dream home and was incredibly helpful and relentless in pursuing what we wanted. She is such a good sounding board for anything related to real estate - renovations, recommended home updates, what we can/cannot live with or change, mortgage advice, you name it. She also is well connected and will put you in touch with other similarly talented professionals to handle every step of the process.

Miraculously, our offer for our favorite home was accepted. She makes sure her clients stay competitive in the offer process, but I can also walk away from this whole process feeling good that we were represented by a person of great integrity. That is very important to me, now more than ever. I'd recommend Rosa in a heartbeat for anyone who is looking to make a change in their living situation- selling or buying.

Kaycee Carmichael Chiu - Nov, 2020

Rosa was the best! My husband and I knew Rosa through a mutual friend and when we made the decision to buy a house, we did not hesitate one second about working with Rosa. She is honest, hard working, professional and what I appreciated most was her steadiness and calm presence throughout the home buying process. She was always on time or early to all the showings. She was friendly, pointed out important features about a home and answered all our questions right away. If she didn’t know something she was very quick to get a response. Rosa responded to texts and emails very quickly as well and had a flexible schedule which made it easy to schedule appointments. I would absolutely work with her again and would recommend her to all my friends and family.

Amy Schendel - July, 2020

I was a first time home buyer and Rosa did a great job helping me find what I was looking for. She was patient in learning what my needs for a home were. She also did a great job helping me understand the neighborhoods and expectations going into making an offer. We were doing all of this during COVID and Rosa helped make the process relatively smooth. She is extremely responsive and did a good job answering any questions/concerns that I had.

Elizabeth McSheery - June, 2020

Rosa has been our realtor for 5 years now. I first met her at an open house when she agreed to meet me in my workplace and explained the whole process of househunting and escrow. Through her immense help, we bought two houses and sold one very recently.

## Client Relationship

Our (my wife and myself) relationship with Rosa has been very warm and never been rocky. We are always comfortable in expressing our opinion even during declining offers sometime at last minute. She has good empathy with her clients and never pressurizes to accept an offer. We know for a fact that she has good relationship with all clients as we have attended client only events where we met and talked to a lot of her clients.

## Understanding deeply the client needs

- We had our personal preferences that she readily understood
- We needed atleast one bedroom in the first floor and not more than two floors in the house
- Bright kitchen and living room with sunlight coming in
- Calm neighborhood
- A budget
- When we initially started house hunting, she setup automatic mailing lists to show houses in multiple areas that suited our needs.
- She is always available to guide us around, we have together seen multiple houses over multiple weeks. She made sure we stopped only when we found the right house for us.
- She is very open-minded and makes sure the choice of the house comes from us and not from her
- She never made us wait once for any meeting. She is always on time.

## Resourcefulness & Execution

- She knows based on needs what is the kind of house and what areas to target in bay area.
- She knows how to submit the right offer for getting accepted without overbidding.
- She has great contacts. Both the times when we bought house, we used her contact for lenders and they gave us very good deals. Her biggest asset is ensuring we will definitely close the loan process on time.
- She asked us the decision to keep or sell the house. Once selling was our decision, her selling strategy was spot-on. She recommended the right list of changes before selling. We were able to stage, list and sell the house in couple of weeks even with COVID19 pandemic at a more-than-expected price
- When we sold our house, the negotiations and interaction between seller and buyer agent was handled transparently and in expert manner by her. This made sure the house got sold at a quick rate for a very fair deal.

Overall, She is an expert agent i will definitely recommend to anyone intending to buy/sell a house.

Srinivas Govindan - May, 2020

We had the pleasure of working with Rosa previously to find our dream home in Los Altos in 2012. She was responsive, professional and easy to work with. It was a smooth close. So when we were in the market for a 2nd investment home, we reached out to her again. She’d review all the home reports carefully and advise us on pros and cons. We learned a lot of new things from her. She has a good understanding of the market and good rapport with fellow agents. This helped with our search tremendously and we were able to close our 2nd home in less than 2 months. We’d love to keep working with Rosa in the future.

Amy Le - April, 2020

Rosa helped us buy a condo in the South Bay and we couldn't be happier!

We were new to the real estate market of the Silicon Valley so we had no frame of reference and thus no way of adequately assessing properties on sale. With Rosa's experience and knowledge of the area we were able to get an amazing place.

She was with us in the open houses, helped us evaluate and compare the options. When we found a condo we liked, she did a summary of the disclosures for us (which is 400 pages combined) and made sure there are no gotchas there.

And then after that she guided us through the purchasing process from writing an offer to the point where we got the keys. She was always in communication with us, with the seller's agent, the title company etc. always available and ready to help.

We couldn't recommend Rosa enough, if you're looking for a place in the Bay Area with Rosa's help you'll get what you want.

Vadim Kotov - Sept, 2019

We do not often write to express our experiences with a professional, but feel compelled to do so now.

In the late fall of 2018 we had to prepare and sell the Santa Clara home of our late parents. It was a sad and emotional task and quite daunting as we live in the Phoenix. AZ area. Our Bay area attorney recommended Rosa Hellen of Intero. Boy, are we glad she did!

To comment on Rosa personally she helped turn what we expected to be a nightmare into a pleasant and ultimately extremely rewarding endeavor. This woman is the consummate professional who handles every issue with amazing expertise, as well as the ability to anticipate every possible scenario and hit it head on to achieve an deal outcome with no wasted effort.

In her initial contact, Rosa will survey the property to determine her prospective client’s (in our case the seller) expectations. She offers different approaches and strategies to achieve your desired outcome. Our best advice to you as her prospective clients is simply this: Listen to her and take her advice. She knows her market and she is a brilliant strategist and she, quite simply, Gets It Done.

So we’ll try to be brief:

• When preparing for you your home for sale, do what Rosa tells you to do. The small financial investment to effect her suggested changes will result in a maximum return.
• Trust Rosa and the other professionals she recommends (especially Tom Anderson of Clutter Boy, he is amazing and socially conscious as well) to help make those changes happen.
• Staging the property makes a tremendous difference in the number of online “Hits” it will receive, which will result in more showings which will then result in a timely sale. If you are living in the house while its on the market, (we were not, but if we would definitely have it Rosa’s way) take her advice on maintaining the entire property in pristine condition. It will work to ultimate advantage and because you’ve got a great realtor on your side to probably won’t be listed and shown for long before its sold.
• Rosa is the most competent, capable and focused professional we have encountered in a very long time. When she says she is going to do something you can immediately consider it done to perfection. She has the unique ability not only to inspire your confidence every step of the way, but to do so while making you feel you’re her only client. She is honest and sincere and she knows that both buying and selling a home is a stressful event. We don’t know how she does it but she alleviates most of that stress.
• Once she has surveyed the property in its final selling condition, Rosa will help determine the list price of the home. Again: Listen to her. She knows real estate, she knows her market and she knows how best to approach the current sales climate.
• Our property went on MLS during a slow or “soft” market period, just before the winter holidays. Rosa staged several open houses during the first few days of listing. Within five days she presented us with seven solid offers. On the 6th day she presented us with the best offer which was $115,000.00 over the listing price. We signed on the dotted line, needless to say.

We highly and happily recommend Rosa Hellen whether you’re selling or buying.

Thank you Rosa, you certainly made this a very positive experience.

Phillip and Joanne Sullivan - Dec, 2018

I was a client of Rosa's for about 7 months while we looked for a new home in the area. My wife & I really didn't know what we were doing in the beginning and we started with unrealistic expectations, but Rosa was always patient, always encouraging, and always positive we would end up with our dream home, even though she was dealing with a husband and wife with almost opposite views of what they wanted in a home and neighborhood. She ran a lot of analyses for us as we expressed interest in many different homes. At times we differed on what we thought the market would do and what the market rate would be for a home, but invariably Rosa was right. Many times we couldn't make tough decisions and flip flopped on whether to make offers, but Rosa always talked us through the decisions calmly. And she is a sea of calm in what is a stressful and hectic time in your life. Very rational; tells you what you need to hear vs. what you want to hear. And we did end up with a house at a price I thought was fair even though there were eleven other offers. And her help continued after we won the bid as she arranged designers and contractors to meet with us as we decided what we wanted to do with our new home. So we would be very happy to work with Rosa again.

Chris Lee – March, 2018

My wife Sarah and I were clients of Rosa Hellen in the latter half of 2017. We quickly outgrew our two bedroom apartment in Sunnyvale as our baby girl Kessa greeted us in June of 2017.

We had met with Rosa once before a couple years prior, and got really good vibes from our conversation. We decided that when were ready we would seek her out at that time. Fast forward and one accepted offer later, we were homeowners!

Rosa was very patient with us and listened to our thoughts and feedback as we looked at places online and in person. She never made us feel like we were wasting her time when we would spend an afternoon looking at houses and would give feedback that we were not interested in a single one. She let us know that this was part of the process and that we needed to take our time figuring out what we like and don’t like. She was able to pivot our search slightly based on that feedback which led us to finding a perfect neighborhood and a lovely house we could make our own.

The offer process was an extremely stressful time. Rosa was a breath of fresh air when it came to juggling how much to offer, when to make an offer, and was very communicative through the whole process. With her guidance, in a seller’s market where homebuyers were frequently making 10+ offers before finding a home, we were a one and done client. I attribute the fact that we were not the highest offer and still was the accepted offer fully to Rosa and her recommendations. I have and will continue to refer any of my friends or acquaintances to her if they are in the market.

Good luck in your home search!

Sarah and Nic Cavigliano – Feb, 2018

We've known Rosa for almost 2 years now. We first met her at an open house where she was representing the seller. We made a connection instantly. Her authentic style and friendly personality drew us to her. Rosa was very honest in her assessment of the market, and tying it back to our needs. She was always a true partner, and extremely patient in ensuring we found *the* place for us- our house hunt took us over a year. Through this process, there were several places we made offers on- and she resourcefully brought in her network of people to help assess the potential on some remodels and fixer uppers; including advising us against a home close to an electric tower. She even advised us on how to rent out our previous place. Rosa is a realtor extra-ordinaire, and we've found a friend for life in her!

Kavita Jiandani – Nov, 2017

Rosa was recommended to us by our friends. This is not the first time for us to buy a house, so in the first place we thought that we can handle this on our own, or work with the listing agent directly in order to win the deal in this crazy market. But eventually, we are pretty glad to choose Rosa to help us in this journey, and feel that this was the right decision.
I won’t be able to elaborate all the details where she had helped us, but I will give a few examples of her excellent services. She started with listening to our concern and expectation carefully. She always thinks for our benefit when we look at the inventory in the market. She pointed out some problem that we might not have noticed. She read through the inspection report thoroughly every time and summarized the issues of each house for our consideration. She provided a lot of valuable suggestion, not just about buying a house, but also about how to improve it and she provided many useful contacts once we started to think about how to remodel the house that we bought. Her assistance doesn’t stop when the deal is closed, which is really amazing after I’ve seen so many cases after you pay the bill. The service provider just vanished. She is totally different and still tried to help on some problems that we encountered after closing the transaction. I have to say she is a really wonderful real estate agent, working with her is a pleasant experience, and I would definitely recommend Rosa to any friend who might need real estate service.

Ken & Sandy – March, 2017

Rosa was extremely helpful in finding exactly what I needed in my first home. She made the process very easy and made sure I was privy on all pertinent information pertaining to the home shopping and buying process. She did everything possible to make sure I was happy with my purchase. Not only has she helped me find a home, but she has helped all the other members in my family find their homes! I could not have asked for a better Realtor!

Jamie Lam – July, 2016

Rosa successfully helped us buy our home in Sunnyvale in an incredibly competitive market. Three years later, when it was time to sell our rental property, Rosa once again successfully helped us get the best offer we could. But most importantly, Rosa’s always on time and very responsive to emails and phone calls. I would highly recommend working with her if you want someone extremely professional and thorough.

Azfar Qureshi – Dec, 2015

Rosa's expertise in dealing with Condo buying probably saved us from making many bad decisions. With a very heated seller's market, we started to panic after seeing nice properties being snatched up left and right. Rosa was there to calm us and offered valuable advice. She actively investigated each buying potential, sifted through listings, and followed up with listing agents to find out detail information about each property. Although we were not the highest bidder of our home, we stayed through the final selection because Rosa had left a good impression working with the listing agent. Then she stayed with us guiding us along the whole signing and closing process.

Shawn Zhu – Feb, 2015

House buying is a harrowing experience, no matter what side of the transaction one is on. Rosa as my realtor maintained her cool and explained all of the nuances of buying and selling. She was patient and took the time to do additional research to ease my fears. She also went out of her way to build relationships with other realtors and vendors. Though this may seem like a standard task, but the extraordinary impression that she built bought us the advantage and I attribute my real estate success to this. Rosa was resourceful and determined to represent my interests. I would recommend Rosa Hellen as a realtor to others.

Dorothy Zhu – Feb, 2015

Two years ago, Rosa helped us to buy our home in our dream neighborhood. We have to bid against other dozens of offers. Without her help, we would never get our dream home within the budget in this hot market. She is very dedicated to her work and always tries to do everything she could think of to help the clients. She provided thorough reviews of the disclosures and the price competition level. She called the HOAs and the city governments to address our questions. She has some great insights of how to win the bidding competition. After our offer was accepted, she followed up with the appraisal procedure closely and called our loan agent regularly to make sure everything was going well and helped us solve the contractor problem. It has been a great pleasure having her as our Realtor and I would highly recommend her.

Rui Wang – March, 2015

Rosa worked with us to help us find and secure our dream home. She is calm and confident in her interactions, no pressure, no rush and helpful. We enjoyed working with her. She continues to help us even after we have made our purchase. Thank you Rosa, you are the best!

Hemal Mehta - March, 2015

Rosa was a calm and steady presence during the exciting ups and downs of house hunting in the Bay Area. She took the time to understand myself and my husband’s wish and non-wish lists separately during many home showings and identified properties that had potential to meet both our, as well as our family’s needs. During the stressful offer process, Rosa was always calm with a good idea of the market values, but never pressuring us to go above our limit. She is excellent at reading sellers and other agents, always present offers in person and treating each seller/agent individually. We believe this sensitivity and persistence greatly aided in the purchase of a home we are very pleased with.

Jay and Marguerite - Sept, 2014

We loved working with Rosa for our first home purchase. The quality of her service as a real estate agent is exceptional. She’s extremely knowledgeable, informative and patient. She encourages her clients to make informed decisions and is with you every step of the way. We were very impressed with her level of professionalism and personal attention throughout the lengthy and sometimes emotional process of home buying. We would highly recommend Rosa to anyone looking for a house or commercial real estate property.

Celeste and Marcus – March, 2014

We met Rosa at an open house when we weren’t entirely sure where to look for our new home. Rosa guided us through the process, and finally settled us down in a neighborhood that we really like. We have been living in the house and neighborhood ever since, and feel really fortunate to have been working with Rosa. Compared with other agents that we had worked with, Rosa is:
• Really familiar with Los Altos, Mountain View and surrounding areas. We met a lot of her friends at various open houses.
• Good at building relationships with other agents and sellers, which often times results in valuable information.
• Very smart. After we bought our new home, Rosa also helped us sell our old house. From the strategies she used to negotiate with all the buyers, she was clearly very smart and capable.
We would recommend Rosa to anyone who wants to buy a home.

Jun Gong, Iris Xu – Sept, 2013

We are lucky to have Rosa Hellen, DRE# 01725188 as our listing agent to sell our single family house in May, 2013 and as our real estate agent to purchase our 2-bedrom condominium in July, 2013. Since the turnover time was tight and every transaction has to go in a timely fashion in order to minimize the impact of our daily life, Rosa’s professionalism and knowledge of the real estate field really played a huge role in the process.
The process from preparing the house, selecting contractors, inspection, making recommendation of the fix and pushing the paper work through was a huge task and Rosa handled it really well. It ended up the house was being put on market in its perfect shape and timing while the market was on its peak with the lowest interest rate ever. We have received 15 competitive offers and all of them were above our asking price. The house was sold in a very satisfactory price while it was on the market for just one week.
Rosa also expressed her remarkable professional knowledge and experience while we were searching our dream home after selling our existing house. She constantly gave us useful and helpful advice and hints which helped us more focused on what we want. Those advice really made our house searching process went super smooth and enjoyable. The purchase of our new house is also in a perfect timing of which the interest rate has started climbing and house market has been softened a little bit because there were more houses being listed on the market. We ended up buying a 2-bedroom condominium with a reasonable sale price less than 2 months from the date that our existing house being sold with no competition.
We would highly recommend Rosa Hellen for any real estate needs and would like to wish her all the very best and success in her endeavor.

Anthony and Agnes Lau – July, 2013

Rosa is a true professional. She went beyond her duties and many more miles to help her customers. She is knowledgeable, well connected, thoughtful and well organized. I will definitely call her for my real estate needs again.

Jennie Tam – June, 2013

Our first-time home buying experience with Rosa was a great success . From the first meeting through closing, Rosa was very professional and informative. She paid attention to every detail of our requirements and made great suggestions. She was always available via email or cell phone even when she was on vacation. Every time we were interested in a house, she provided us with a thorough review of the disclosures and the price comp, which were extremely helpful to make our decision. Whenever we had questions, she always contacted the right persons and got the answers for us quickly. She also made the efforts so that all the documents could be reviewed and signed remotely online, which was really convenient for us since we have little kids at home to take care all the time. She presented our offer to the listing agent in person whenever possible, so that they knew our strength and their questions were answered immediately. Rosa gave us many great ideas that could strengthen our offer. Her great advise were the KEY to help us to get our dream home in this fenzy market.
Rosa also worked efficiently during escrow. She followed up with the appraisal procedure closely and called our loan agent regularly to make sure everything was going well. She recommended the best handyman, Dave, after closing when our contractor had a family emergency so that we could move in ontime. She works really hard. One time she was still negotiating at the listing agent’s office after 9pm. We really appreciate this considering she is also a parent of very young kids. She is one of the most wonderful persons we’ve met and now a friend!

Rui Wang and Hanqing Xing – April, 2013

Rosa is very professional and always ready to respond to my questions. We had a very tight timeline to get a house and she helped us to get it. She also helped us to take care of home inspections and termite treatment after the deal is closed. I would strongly recommend Rosa if you want to get a house in very competitive market. Her experience and knowledge would definitely help you reach your goal and buy the house you really want to live in or invest faster.

Min Guo – April, 2012

Rosa was very knowledgeable, especially in regards to closing issues. Her partnership with Shannon Chan made the loan process easy. Rosa was willing to work around our schedules. Rosa was always willing to step up and do more to help our search when asked to.

Elizabeth and Colin Brush – Sept, 2011

Rosa was my buy and sell agent from October 2010 to March 2011. During the process, Rosa has demonstrated professional knowledge and confidence in the business. As I was looking for a single story home, we experienced a very difficult seller. At times, I was about to give up. It was Rosa’s cautious optimistic view and analysis of the situation that kept me on track.
On the sell side, her advice in preparing for the brochure and open house was very valuable. She made a very presentable brochure. We had only one weekend of open house and we had a buyer for our asking price. Her ability to help the potential buyer in the loan option helped speed up the process as well.
All in all, both deals were closed per contract. We are very much happy about her service.

Savio Wong – March, 2011

Rosa was very attentive to the reads of the homebuyer. She offered sound advice for the first-time buyer. Rosa was very patient and accommodating to my needs and work schedule. She kept me up-to-date in a timely manner on a lengthy short sale process. She is very dedicated in achieving a positive outcome for her clients. Overall I have been very pleased with my relationship with my realtor Rosa Hellen.

Ken Wong – March, 2010